The best of both worlds

Piemonte is the place to be if you are ready to experience ‘Dolce far niente’ (The Sweet art of doing nothing.) You can relax by the pool or in the garden with a glass of amazing Nizza Barbera wine and really enjoy the vibe of the nature you are in.

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Enjoy Piemonte

If you are all chilled out and looking for some amazing activities which will learn you a lot about Piemonte and the wonderful aspects of it. We have various activities which will make you experience the region more intense. You can go through the nature and the cute villages on an E-bike or Vespa. Another possibility is going Truffle hunting with a truffle hunter and his dog. Or you can learn to cook Piedmontese dishes with an Italian nonna. These are few of the various activities we offer together with Divino Piemonte (Heavenly Piemonte).

Valentina, the owner of Divino Piemonte is an Italian lady who speaks English fluently and knows all about the region. Valentina will also join you with the guided tours, so you won’t need an Italian course in advance :).

If you like we can arrange some nice activities for you, In order to make your stay even better. It’s really nice to learn more about the region Piemonte, and especially our part, the Monferrato Hills.

We can tell you about which towns you can visit, where you find nice wine cellars, which restaurants serve the best food. But we also can help you to do some really active stuff like biking or even truffel hunting.

Barrel Race

When going to the city center of Nizza Monferrato don’t be shocked to see people running behind a Barrel. Every year the second week of june the Corsa delle Botti is held in Nizza Monferrato. It’s a 200 year old tradition that the different winerys compete with each other. It is a tournament and the best three teams compete in the final on sunday. Combined with the ‘Nizza a tavola’ food festival it is a must visit.


Sunday in the Cellar

Every week in the town Agliano Terme there is a wine cellar who opens it’s door to the public. At the cellars you can do a private tasting but on these sundays in the cellar everyone can come. All the locals will be here but it’s also an amazing event for the tourists. You can taste the amazing wines. And it wouldn’t be Piemonte if their wasn’t some cheese and salami to taste. If you want to know which wine cellar is open during your stay ask us or check the instagram of Barbera Agliano.


The International Alba white truffle fair

The International Alba White Truffle Fair is one of the main showcases of high gastronomy and Italian excellence. The Fair takes place October 9th – November 29th 2020 

The essence of the Fair, on every Saturday and Sunday in October and November, is the Alba White Truffle World Market; during this event, the Alba Truffle Show takes place: a Show Cooking with the great chefs, the Truffle Sensory Analysis, the Wine Tasting Experience®, twinings with territories of food and wine excellence and “marriages of taste” in the hills of Langhe, Roero and Monferrato together with guests, meetings and debates. But the Fair is also made of folklore and great historical re-enactments, confirming and increasing its educational purposes with the Alba Truffle Kids; with a pavilion dedicated to children and their families.

Alba is a beautiful drive through the hills of 40 minutes from Allegro. If you like to visit the truffle market, you can also wander through historic center of Alba.

Barbera Fish Festival

In the romantic city center of Agliano Terme the barbera fish festival takes place every other year. The barbera fish festival is hosted by the local winerys. The festival is the second weekend of October. The program contains a wine tasting of over 200 wines in the old church and a wonderful 5- course dinner and so much more. The next festival which contains live music will take place in 2021.

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